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My Current Webcam Picture!

Daniel, 29 year old boy who lives in London, in the UK. Likes long walks in the park, hunky strong, tall men and exploring the person within. Dislikes people who complain all the time, runners who hate dogs and George W Bush!

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all those tiny files and all those file permission settings

I personally find it quite shocking that I managed somehow to upgrade to the latest version of Movable Type (v3.121) and not damage my website irreparably!

Loads of new people have joined the portal, I took ages but finally updated it and took out some dead cams/sites.

Three fabulous old members have been updated with their new swanky sites..

o J3nny
o Dave
o Scott

and new members....

o Hendriks
o Blanca
o Cody
o Shaun

That is all! I must sort out my portal links buttons at some point, when I am not falling asleep at the computer ;)